Outer Banks Oceanfront Flood Zones and Insurance Information

Across the Outer Banks the Flood zones on the oceanfront typically are VE with the occasional X zone and AE zone. In most instances, your lender will require you to get a flood insurance policy on and ocean front home even if the proprty is located in an x fllod zone.

FEMA Flood Zones

X Zone - your lender will not require flood insurance.

AE Zone - the land is below the required elevation necessary for x zone and the property has a chance of flooding. Houses in these zones will require flood insurance and the structure should be elevated to obtain inexpensive flood insurance. So, if you see a house built on the ground and it is in an AE zone you will probably want to avoid it unless the builder brought in a bunch of fill and elevated the homesite to meet the FEMA requirements.

VE Zone - wave velocity usually reserved for oceanfronts and some adjoining properties.

COBRA Zone - in an effort to restrict developement on the Outer Banks the Federal Government has created a number of parks. These parks carry the COBRA designation which means FEMA Flood insurance is not available. Unfortunately, when they were drawing up the boundaries for the COBRA Zones they inadvertently overlapped some adjoining residential neighborhoods. Properties in the overlapped zones can not get federally backed flood insurance and will require private flood insurance from comapnies like Lloyds of London and AIG. This private flood insurance can get very pricey.

Outer Banks Flood Maps Click on the house at the top of the screen and then enter the address of the property.

FEMA Flood Maps

Insurance against flooding and heavy winds is available

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