Outer Banks Oceanfront Beach Access

Unfortunately, access to the beach is not the same for all the ocean front properties along the Outer Banks coast. Some areas have deeded restrictions and other areas have federal goverment land in the way. In this article I will try to point out the various forms of beach access you might find on the OBX.

The best access to the oceanfront is when you can walk from the kitchen through the living area, out onto the oceanfront deck, down the steps and onto your private walkway out to the beach. If your walkway runs past a pool so much the better. This direct beach access is the most sought after and thus commands a higher price.

In the northen Outer Banks In Ocean Sands North and Crown Pointe, dune walk overs are restricted to every 5th house or so. To access the beach you have to walk down the street to the beach access although people tend to walk through the dunes to get to the beach on most of the properties without a dune walk over where the dune is not covered with sand fence.

In Corolla Light and Buck Island in Corolla and Sanderling in Duck beachfront walkways are restricted to every other house with each beach walkover shared by two houses.

Dunetop decks are a nice addition to a walkover but don't assume you can automatically put one on your dune. Each case has to be researched seperately to see if it s allowed.

The beach in front of the vilages on Hatteras Island have limited access with long paths to the beach. Most of the beach on Hatteras Island is owned by the National Park Service and restrictions banning dune walkovers are in place. Even though you own the dune in front of your house you are not allwed to build a walkway across the dune to get to the beach. You have to use the shared ocean acesses located nearby that everyone in the subdivision uses.

Public Beach Access Next Door?

The good is it increases your field of view and there might be a lifegard on duty nearby. The bad is you have a parking lot next door and more of a crowd on the beach in front of your house.

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